High-tech - advanced equipment, proactive, leading technology


Heng Sheng is the Northeast's first edible fungi production enterprises, scientific and technological innovation as an enterprise, the Heng Sheng in the production process, the use of a large number of high-tech.

January 2011, spending huge amounts of money from South Korea, including sterile, mechanical inoculation, shaking and other high-end equipment and the latest technology in liquid bacteria. At the same time the implementation of the transformation of the whole plant, extensive use of bottling machines, bottle digging machines, conveyor system, microcomputer automatic mechanical cultivation library and other equipment, to achieve automated production machinery. In advanced technology, also introduced a number of excellent foreign mushroom species, and screening through to try to grow, cultivate more suitable for locally-produced white mushroom varieties. The mushroom a listing, then its pollution-free, pollution-free, white appearance and good product sense, quickly gained the love and trust of consumers, has been widely recognized by the market, in order to increase innovation capability, the company established the Institute of Biology the introduction of a number of high-tech talent, they are young, dedicated, strong R & D capability, full of passion, they are the backbone of the Hang Seng, the Hang Seng is the future and hope.

Heng Sheng man full of confidence, in constant innovation in practice, must use their wisdom and sweat, the thorns on the road out of one of their own development path!

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