Fish mushroom pot


The practice fish balls mushroom pot

Fish mushroom pot ingredients and spices:

Fish head soup 1 pot 1 package white mushrooms 150 g 454 g Flammulina velutipes mushroom 1 package soft tofu shirataki 1 box 1 box 3 onions 2 celery ginger 2 Salt to taste

Teach your pot of homemade fish bacteria practice, how to do it delicious pot fish bacteria

A, tofu cut into small pieces, fish _ rinse again shirataki

Second, the fish head soup to boil, put ginger, tofu, fish balls _ konjac silk into

Third, a variety of mushrooms clean

Four, celery and green onions and cut into sections

Five, fish balls float, put the mushrooms into continue to boil

Sixth, and finally into the onions _ celery, salt seasoning. Soup pot side

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