Steamed imitated crab meat mushroom


The practice of steamed imitated crab meat mushroom

Steamed imitated crab meat mushroom ingredients and spices:

Mushroom 150g salt 100g crab stick balm 4g 3g 2g MSG shallot vinegar 3g 3g

Teach your homemade mushroom steamed imitated crab meat practice, how to do it delicious mushroom steamed imitated crab meat

First, the crab stick torn packaging, mushroom cut the roots after the wash, cut the onion rings

Two, mushroom into salted boiling water, boil for a short moment, then put on a plate on top crab stick

Third, the steamer and turn on the water, the fire to boil, dish into the steamer, over medium heat for five minutes

Fourth, shredded crab stick, mushroom every single tear and also between each tablet, salt, MSG, sesame oil, vinegar, onion and mix well to

Homemade food tips:

1, if not the steamer, you can also put some more seasoning in advance, then covered with plastic wrap, and put in the microwave switch for a while.

2, mushroom a hot start not too familiar with, or affect the taste.

3, seasoning mix freely, put some sesame oil, chili oil, and tastes good.

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